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Since its establishment in 1999, XLT Systems Pte Ltd had the primary objective of offering a wide range of support accessories for the Audio Visual (AV) and multimedia market segment. Hence, with determination and confidence, XLT Systems devoted our manufacturing resources to design and develop various mounting brackets for TV, Speakers, LCD Monitors, Plasma Displays, Projectors and other related AV accessories, thereby providing superior consulting services to both domestic and international sectors.

In keeping up with the rapid market demand of Multimedia AV needs, XLT Systems has invested significant resources in Research & Development to design and construct motorized Projector Lift and Plasma / LCD using wired or wireless remote control to enhance the development of Motorized Lift Systems over the years.

Today, XLT Systems is proud to provide a wide-range of projector Lift products and AV support solutions. In addition, we have also extended our services to offer customization and fabrication to meet our clients' requirements.

At XLT Systems, we believe we are your "Total Solution Provider of Multimedia Mounting Technology" and all your Multimedia and Audio Visual support accessories. We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of every client by offering superior customer services, precision, reliability and safety in all our products.

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